First shopping tour

Today was my first trip to Hornbach in order to buy the material needed to start the construction of the jacuzzi.

  • 2 colliers 150 avec tige filetée pour l’écartement
  • bâche plastique 6x8m
  • 3x plaque de tôle galvanisée 200x100x1
  • lumière cabine (lampe, interrupteur et prise IP 67)
  • presse étoupe M20
  • adaptateur robinet cuisine 1/2 – 3/4
  • 2x boîte dérivation IP 68
  • 10m GD 2×0.75
  • panneau pour fond box 14*27 cm
  • adaptateur 3/4 (Gardena)
  • mousse isolante pour tuyau 4cm x 8m
  • oxygène actif
  • activateur d’oxygène
  • kit de contrôle pH / peroxyde
  • 2x fiche / prise CEE 16A
  • 10m GD 5×1.5mm

Some hours later, it looks like that 😉

First shopping trip...
… just a small sample of the material…

As we now have a steel frame, I decided to add some underwater led lights in the jacuzzi, fixed on the frame by strong magnets.

Magnetic stands for imerged lights
Magnetic stands for underwater lights