Water quality control (1)

Water control in a jacuzzi is almost a full time job. Due to the high temperatures (37°C-40°C), the sanitisers degrade very quickly. Overall, we had to put almost 3 times more sanitisers as in a 20°C pool. To control water quality (pH and the presence of enough Active Oxygen in the water), we used test strips every day.

Today, I just received water sensors from Atlas Scientific to control the pH and the ORP level of the water. My goal is to mount the sensors inline on the heating circuit.

The first step was to mount the sensors’ pcbs and the multiplexer on a breadbord and to test the serial connection to a Raspberry Pi.

Atlas Sensors breadboard mount
Atlas Sensors tests

Leds are blinking and measures are sent on the serial bus… Next step will be to mount the sensors on the circulation pipes.